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Sasha Grey Tortured

Last post about Sasha Grey for a bit before I drive myself nuts. I’m not into BDSM or pain at all, although fetishism has a very artistic aspect in terms of the clothes: rubber, leather, vinyl, etc., that is very artistic. But anyway, Sasha has been driving me loco for a while and I really want to smack that annoying look off her face. I don’t even want to fuck her. I’d just like to see her tortured, and preferably ball-gagged so she won’t be talking bollocks about Michel Foucault and Werner Herzog in between drinking enemas (yes, she does this). Well, lo and behold here she is, being tortured. Unfortunately she is probably enjoying it. Curses, foiled again!

sasha grey bdsm shoot where she gets tortured, fucked and humiliated

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